About Road Recycling

There are two ways to fix access roads or farm tracks:

1. The expensive way.  2. Our way.

Road recycling has been used for many years in the Australian Outback and the Mid-Western United States which have some of the longest roads and toughest conditions in the world. With long access roads often stretching to hundreds of miles, controlling maintenance costs becomes a mega issue.

With the cost of aggregate in the UK and our wet weather washing out potholes, cost is also a major factor which is why Glenquicken's road recycling system is the most cost-effective solution for all access roads.

The process involves the in situ recycling of farm and forestry roads, tracks and paths. By utilising our specialist machinery, we can transform a tired, worn, potholed road into a new road capable of carrying today's heavy farm and commercial machinery and vehicles. 

Tried and tested in the tough Australian Outback. Now available in Scotland!