Farm Access Roads

Road recycling is the most cost-efficient way to re-lay your farm access road

Access roads are a necessary evil on farms and forestry estates, providing access to buildings, outlying fields and wind farm installations. Many such roads can quickly deteriorate as a result of regular use by heavy machinery, plant or commercial vehicles.

There are two ways to tackle this problem:

  • The first is to bring in heavy excavators, dig up the old road and buy in hundreds of tons of new aggregate, sealants, grading equipment and heavy rollers and still spend time and money constantly filling in potholes every time they appear after being washed out in the next rain.
  • The other option is far more cost-effective. At Glenquicken, we call it ‘Road Recycling'.
Using our purpose-built tractor mounted on road crushers, we can lift your existing potholed and uneven old road and recycle it in situ. By re-laying and vibrating the whole road, Glenquicken can create a brand new road with a proper camber to allow surface water to run away.

This type of equipment has been repairing and renewing roads in the toughest conditions of the Australian Outback and mid-western United States for years.

Our road crusher is a purpose-built piece of equipment that travels at 300 metres per hour driven by what is probably the biggest tractor in Dumfries and Galloway, a Fendt 260 HP Vario.

The grading is again carried out by a purpose-built grading machine mounted on a JCB Fastrac that is hydraulically adjusted to allow for exact forward camber angle and sideways camber angle so that the whole road, when completed, allows water to run away.  The final action is to roll the whole roadway using a T1200 vibrating roller.

Recycling your existing farm lane or access road in this way is far more cost-effective than filling potholes and 90% more cost-effective than having to bring in diggers and buy in aggregate.

Tried and tested in the tough Australian Outback. Now available in Scotland!