How It Works

A 3-step guide to how road recycling works

Step 1

The process of recycling roads is a simple, but highly effective, method of crushing existing material at the site to produce the required mix of fine and small stones. This mix is ‘manufactured' by Glenquicken's specialist crusher, mounted on our Fendt 260 HP tractor that is capable of speeds as low as 300 metres per hour. This enables the crusher to work to the required depth and thoroughly lift, crush and re-lay the existing material to the required mix consistency. The crusher can work easily to a depth of 300mm (one foot). However, we normally only crush to a depth of 150mm (six inches), just below the depth of the deepest potholes. If we crush deeper, then it is more difficult to compact to the full depth of the crushed material.

Step 2

Once Glenquicken Road Recycling have created the required mix of material, we are then able to re-grade and create a fall to aid surface water drainage. This is vital in prolonging the life of any farm road or track. If water is allowed to sit on a given area, then erosion will commence and the more traffic passes through this standing water, the sooner a pothole will be created. The grading is carried out using a specialist 3-way hydraulic grading machine which not only levels the material, but can be set at an angle to suit full width drainage of the track, or angled to allow water to run from a domed centre on the roadway.

Step 3

The re-compaction of the track is vital and if the track is going to be left with a dome effect or with a level fall from one side to another, then our 120-type twin-drum rollers are more than capable. These are identical to the ones used in highways construction and are self-propelled. The benefit of these is that Glenquicken Road Recycling can add water to the track via mounted spray bars on the roller itself, giving a much neater effect.

With a growing demand to recycle material to save on the cost of importing quarry stone, Glenquicken Road Recycling are able to do this in situ. With our highly manoeuverable tractor-mounted crusher, we can crush all types of stone ranging from brick rubble to granite. This can save on excavation costs, buying in quarry material or using large plant like tracked jaw-crushers. This has been an increasingly popular option for renewing horse menages / gallops, construction site stone crushing, clearing large stones from ploughed or harrowed fields as well as renewing farm access roads and tracks.

Tried and tested in the tough Australian Outback. Now available in Scotland!