Other Services

Farmland Cultivation

If you have ever ploughed a field that's full of large stones, you'll know that the added labour involved in stone-picking and the risk of damage to expensive cultivation equipment are a constant concern for farmers.

Glenquicken Road Recyling's crusher provides a cost-effective solution to this problem. It can be used to literally crush large stones into chippings allowing for harrowing, disking and re-seeding without the added labour of stone-picking.

Forestry and Scrubland Clearance

Glenquicken's machines can also be used in forestry and brush clearance to clear ground for new growth or simply to reclaim land from overgrown gorse and whin bush.

The tractor-mounted crushers we operate can be used very effectively for forestry clearance (eg., tree stump grinding, clearance of rhododendron / laurel bushes and other scrub for new tree planting).

Being mobile and tractor-mounted allows instant access to these areas, removing the need for chainsaw operators and further labour feeding an on-site wood chipper.

Haulage Services

Glenquicken also offer specialised transport services using articulated and rigid lorries equipped with hydraulic cranes. These vehicles are capable of lifting and transporting heavy machinery, plant and equipment. We also offer general haulage using articulated units and flatbed lorries.

Tried and tested in the tough Australian Outback. Now available in Scotland!